Hard to believe but true: for more than 240 years, the Rozet & Fischmeister jewellery business, which was established in 1770, has been among Vienna’s most famous gold and silversmiths.

In 2010, Franz Fischmeister joined the company management in the sixth generation. Currently he manages the company jointly with his father Georg; from 2016, he will manage it by himself.

And he has carried on another “family tradition” as well: he has won several design awards already with the first sophisticated gold and silver pieces he designed after returning from his stays abroad with Asprey and Cartier (London).

At Rozet & Fischmeister, valuable technical expertise that is no longer common is passed on from generation to generation.

Jointly with his father Georg, Franz Fischmeister manufactures not only innovative designs but also custom-made pieces.

However, the product range also includes decorative valuable items for wedding and christening gift lists made of ancient or newly manufactured silver, exquisite pieces of vintage jewellery and an exclusive variety of antique jewellery.

The shop of Rozet & Fischmeister is as sophisticated as is the range of products offered:

Situated at Kohlmarkt no. 11, in downtown Vienna’s most elegant district.

The architectural design of the company premises is redolent of the Treasury at the Vienna Hofburg, which is hardly a surprise as they were fitted by Portois & Fix, a major furniture and interior designer in the Austria-Hungarian Monarchy.

By the way, even Emperor Francis Joseph, but also Maria Altmann and the State of Austria appreciated the masterful jewellery making of Rozet & Fischmeister.