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Animal Jewellery

Jade butterly brooch


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Antique jewellery

Oval art deco brooch


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Animal Jewellery

Vintage brooch fliying duck



Animal Jewellery

Vintage stag beetle brooch


The brooch is an ornament to be attached to the clothing near the neck and was already in use in antiquity (as a fibula) and in the 15th and 16th centuries. The brooch was then used as a safety pin to secure cloaks among other things. Only later, was it decorated with precious stones and turned into jewellery.

A brooch no longer serves as a pin to secure clothing. It is valued as a piece of jewellery for a gala dinner or an elegant evening but can also be worn on a daily basis.

Brooches from antiquity to modern times

In our shop, you will be able to find brooches from all eras.

Original pieces from antiquity, which we have restored and refurbished with great attention to detail. These pieces have a long and unique story to tell and are still exceptional to this day. Antique brooches are difficult to come by and every piece is an unmistakeable original.

We also offer brooches in a modern design that may not have a long history but still transform every outfit into a unique look. They are ideal for daily wear.

Our brooches are made to the highest standards

Rozet&Fischmeister stands for superior quality and reliability. That’s why you will only find high-quality products in our range, no fashion jewellery or cheap imitations.

Since 1770, Rozet & Fischmeister has undertaken to provide high-quality products and an exceptional service to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

You are welcome to visit our shop in the Vienna city centre and convince yourself of the high standards demonstrated by our team and our wide range of products.

If you have any questions beforehand, you are welcome to call us or send us a mail by clicking on the button below.

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