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Vintage jewellery is classic retro jewellery. Vintage jewellery from the period 1940 to 1980 evokes the memory of bygone times, which is why it is currently so popular.

Our collection features some special rare pieces such as valuable unique creations by prominent designers – artistic masterpieces that reflect the splendour of their times. The carefully compiled selection features a wide variety of colours and a mixture of materials.

Vintage jewellery has a distinctive style, which cannot be compared to antique jewellery or new jewellery.

Earrings, necklaces, wedding jewellery and more vintage jewellery

For the perfect look, you need more than just the right outfit. Matching earrings, necklaces, rings and the like, are essential to transform an outfit into an eye-catcher. This trend is proving very popular among Hollywood stars and can be seen on catwalks all over the world.

Retro jewellery stands for individuality and is an expression of someone’s personal style. At the same time, vintage jewellery is not just something for special occasions but is something you can wear every single day.

Vintage jewellery is a way of life

This special jewellery is often made by hand and designed and produced by people that put their heart and soul into creating an exquisite piece of jewellery. Genuine vintage jewellery radiates a certain way of life.

There might be reasonably priced alternatives but they are designed for mass production and lack that particular sense of style. Here at Rozet & Fischmeister, we only select exclusive pieces and designers that stand for a particular way of life.

Discover vintage jewellery in Vienna at Rozet & Fischmeister

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Our shop is located in Vienna’s city centre. You are welcome to visit us here and discover our collection of vintage jewellery for yourself. Our team is highly trained and would be happy to assist you. Together we will find the right jewellery to suit you according to your preferences.

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